Puff Johnson in SA?!

Rumour has it that “1-hit-wonder” Puff Johnson is in the country. The rumour gets even deeper…suposedly she is dating one of Mzansi’s biggest R&B crooners Ishmael. Well, let me inflate them rumour bubbles a little bit more…I did see the lady in the flesh, not too long ago, at Baseline Newtown. Funny enough, I wasn’t sure if it was her.


People who claim to have seen her say she’s a bit pudgy around the edges now. I did not detect this in the missus. What made it even harder to tell if it was indeed her was the fact that she really blended in. I mean she looked straight up SA. My friend even joked saying she looked straight outta Eldos.

Her hair was cut low, a bit longer than the cut Tony Braxton used to rock, and she was wearing a bubble jacket with fur on the hood. As much as it said black American girl…it also said Eldos (it’s all relative – she is in our envirnment now).


But what really gave her away was when brother Ishmael came along and took her by the hand later that night. It looked like they were making an exit. I dunno about ya’ll, but for me it solidified and confirmed much of the speculation.

Oh, yeah…Miss Johnson is hear for more than love. She is currently recording album, right here on Mzansi soil.

No burst bubbles here…


~ by Thandie on May 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Puff Johnson in SA?!”

  1. Bigs up ish

  2. I saw puff at sandton city some times last month. I was walking minding my business and heared someone with an american accent. I looked and quickly realised that it was puff J. She really did not look diffrent from our own Mzamzi women only her accent was. She is a good women thogh who loves her roots and like that about her.

  3. i saw at capitol in Rosebank with some other people then a certain short guy try to speak to her and she was about to be friendly to him when some irritated guy came and fetch her by hold her hand,the dude was rude not her , and beside she one of us, its not abig deal for her to in SA, for long…

  4. read her wikipedia page. she has RELOCATED here.. lol, says it’s for the “friendly people”. Ishmael is quite friendly…

  5. Hi Cleo. That is true! We have the friendliest people, here in SA! I come from the States but I have, no doubt, made this my home. Ishmmael is awesome! Amazingly friendly person. I checked out Wikipedia though…it’s a bit outdated though. She skipped town end of last year with the masters to an album she was supposed to be releasing locally. Rumour is her mom set it up. Crazy, huh? So I dunno how keen she really was on the country. She might have been just trying to milk us for what we’ve got! This is heresay, though!

    Thanks for the comment! One!

  6. i saw puff in a taxi to Alberton eating amaskopas..

    • Hahaha! Did you chat to her?! I love it when foreigners get familiar with our culture! That’s what I call “Really taking the initiative!”

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