Snapshot: Skwatta Kamp

Say It Right: Squat-tah Camp

What’s in the Name?: Squatter Camps are settlements of impoverished people who live in makeshift structures usually made from scrap plywood and corrugated metal. (Also known as shanty towns or favelas)

Genre: Hip-hop

Entered the Scene: 2001


Who They Are:
Infa, Nemza, Slikour, Shugasmakx, Bozza, Flabba and Nish (can anybody say Wu-Tang?)

Claim to Fame: One of SA’s 1st hip-hop acts…before all the hype…and the resulting Ama Kip Kips

Shared the Stage: Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Black Thought, Will Smith, Jeru, Ludacris and Basement Jaxx

Discography: Skwatta Kampain (2001), Khut En Joyn (2002), Mkhukhu Funkshen (2003), Washmkhukhu (2004), Fair and Skwear (2009)

Why They’re the Best: SAMA for Best Rap (2003/4), MetroFM Award for Best Hiphop Award (2003), KIdz Star Award for Best Kwaito/Hiphop Group (2005)

Next Alum Release: 2009

Where to Find Them:


~ by Thandie on May 30, 2009.

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