And the 'Friend of Africa' Award goes to…

R. Kelly?!

R. Kelly Fashin Week

R. Kelly literally stole the show!

Well, ain’t that something? I’m not really sure…please people, correct me if I’m wrong. – but what exactly has Mr. Kelly done for the continent to be honoured such an award? It would make sense for Ghandi…or Oprah…or maybe even Wayne Brady (for attending all his SA interviews even when he was still recovering from losing his voice – boy we South Africans are demanding. The man even lost his voice!)

Africa Fashion Week Awards

Waste: Giving Awards Away

Yet, for some reason in the case of the Africa Fashion Week Awards 2009, we were clearly not demanding enough. Are we sure that we want to have a man accused of ‘molestation’ in our ‘Friend’s of SA’ book?

Perhaps, when he donates a few mill to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (no, I am not implying anything by my choice of charity, it simply came to mind first). But, when he has made a significant contribution to our Motherland, only then, perhaps, should we consider bestowing him with such honours and titles.

Let’s slow down with the sucking up, shall we? What do you guys think?


~ by Thandie on June 24, 2009.

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