Madame Puff Makes an Appearance…the Smoke Screen Comes Down, Finally

PRESSINVITEPUFFGet your dictaphones and digtal and video cameras out my fellow South africans! Puff Johnson is officially gracing Johannesburg with her presence. And what has pulled the lady out of the cocoon of Ishmael’s arms?! A press conference. I think the lady is tired of the gossip and hearsay, now. And it’s about time…

So the lady will be in Sandton tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the location for matters of safety. But then again, I saw home girl jamming in a club a month back so there really shouldn’t be a threat. Especially if girl is hittin’ the streets.

This is what we think is in the piplines for the pressie confie…her up coming album and what she is doing in SA (this may confirm the Ishmael courting Puff rumour).

Madame Puff is here…it’s official!


~ by Thandie on June 30, 2009.

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