So it turns out…

That Puff Johnson and Ishmael are not dating, afterall. We heard the lady say it for herself on etv’s breakfast show, Sunrise (weekdays 06h00-08h00).

She flipped the script on all of us saying that the only reason they have been seen in each other’s company so much of late is because they are in the same music stable. At least one thing has been confirmed.

Ghetto RuffYes, it is true…Madame Puff is here in the country recording a new album with Ghetto Ruff Records. So fans can get ready to sprint to the shops when the album drops.

Ghetto Ruff was not able to give an exact date…they gave a really broad estimation actually – somewhere between August and October.

I guess it’s always safer to simply not commit, hey?

But, yeah, Puff stated that Ishmael is alomst like a brother to her and has been giving her support since she joined the record label.


~ by Thandie on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “So it turns out…”

  1. its kind of weird to see Ish dating Puff, though they both deny thier relationship, i hope they are not dating, maybe if she try to date people like Lebogang Khune or Kaizer Jnr,not ISHMAEL pleas puff.

    • Did you hear the latest on the Puff saga? Honey skipped town with her momma and stole the masters for the music Ghetto Ruff hooked up for her. Ain’t that some sh*t. Now they suing her. Talk about having cheek!

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