Bullish in its Ways, its Taking Over the Stage!

Man, so the weekend was crazy fantastic. And if you didn’t make it through to the Redbull Soundclash…well, don’t read on otherwise your in for some heavy disappointment.

It was a battle not to be missed what with Tumi and the Volume up against rocker group The Dirty Skirts. Each band was given a popular song to do a cover of. But get this…each rendition of the orginal song had to be done in the genre of each band.

340mlImagine The Spice Girls’ ‘Wanna Be’ over the smooth reggae flavoured dub of 340ml and with the hip hop spitting tempo (and flow) of Tumi Molekane…this is what makes up Tumi and the Volume.

Now standing on a stage of similar stature, imagine another band clad in rock gear…adding a bit of spice that the girls left out in the ‘Wannabe’ tune with a bit more edge and a lot more musical comand. This is the Dirty Skirts.

Now imagine about 300 people packed between these stages whom ,when on command by tv vixen VJ Fix, scream at the top of their lungs in a supportive frenzy for either band. Each fan looks at a decibel meter in a mad attempt to scream even louder driving the numbers up.

At the end of the shouting match, The Dirty Skirts comes out tops winning 2 rounds out of 3. Hmmm, a lot of people I enountered were skeptical about this win though – most said they were in it for Tumi and the V to win it. Oh well. We’ll keep the conspiracy theories at bay, this time.

But yeah, anyway…if you missed out on this round of Soundclashing, another is on thee way! Check out kwaito sensation Bricks up against The Parltotones on…ahem…watch this space. Date to be confirmed…Wait…spoke the organisers and this is hwat they said: 

“I wish I knew! These events are massive, have loads of behind the scenes stuff going on and take months to plan so there won’t be one for a while but hopefully again soon enough.”

Damn. Well, when they know, and we know…will give you the heads up…


~ by Thandie on August 24, 2009.

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