Gasp! Don’t you be so Fresh!

Sikwane_ThatoI know it’s been a minute, ya’ll. Excuse my hiatus…but ya, ne…it looks like DJ Fresh just might be taking over Bad Boy T’s position as ‘bad boy.’

Yep, yep! DJ Fresh has been slapped with a hefty bill of R5000 for being a city slicker…that is speeding down Joburg’s N1 South highway. It is true indeed.

Now, there is nothing “fresh” about this man after pulling a stunt like this. He has placed himself in the same box as bad-asses like Paris Hilton, Robert Downey Jr, and Lindsey Lohan. Nothing new about that at all.

Well, at least the Fresh Drive host admitted guilt to kak driving – no, we’re not commenting onhow he conducts the show, either. Keep those judgemental thoughts to yourselves now guys. There is no slandering here! (Go to Shwashwi for that…)

But, yeah, homeboy had this to say, “I knew that my actions were wrong and therefore punichable by law.”

We agree and well done to owning up, Thato – and to the quick PR turn around too. Dude walked out of court with a shirt branded “DJ FRESH Guilty of Speeding. 161km in 120 km Zone. (Speed Kills Ya’ll).

Impressive. Quite impressive…


~ by Thandie on August 24, 2009.

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