JZ – Spreading the Love?

Ok, so recently the Sunday Times published an article that suggested Jacob Zuma has a child with Sonono Khoza, the daughter of his good friend Irvin Khoza. This is an interesting pickle of a situasie!

This claim has sparked a series of conversations on the matter.

ANC opposition party, the DA, has slammed the President saying that his actions contradict efforts to curb the spread of HIV.  We agree with this statement fully. In the media and the government’s efforts to spread messages on abstinence and having one sex partner, it seems the presidenct’s actions are giving these efforts the middle finger. He is a public figure and he has a majority of the nation that looks up to him, and will support him through thick and thin. So much so that counter arguments to the DA’s have crept up…

Polygamy, last we checked, was the right to take on more than one spouse. And that is spouse as in in wife or husband…not partner. And last we checked President Zuma didn’t put a ring on it. The last lady to be given that honour was Thobeka Mabhija. So how exactly his the President’s actions, therefore, justified?

Perhaps he does need a bit of sex therapy. Afterall, it is the tax-payer’s money that’s financing his 20 kids. And ain’t no time for that.

This is a conversation that runs far too deep and we’ve had our say. What say you?


~ by Thandie on February 1, 2010.

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