Tickling our Funny-Bone!

So recently we checked out the Kit Kat Comedy Road Show that was held at Montecasino. And as expected, Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson, Joey Rasdien, and Trevor Noah did not fail to produce hearty laughter from the crowd.

But then there was this other chap that some of us weren’t so familiar with. And it seems Darren Maule, who was MC-ing the event, didn’t seem too familiar either. This was clear after he introduced him as Zulu – ahem, quite the contrary. He was Xhosa! 😛

Anyway, this guy gets on stage and cracks on every ethnic group – very tastefully, mind you – but he gets on everyone! He was so good, I think he may have even gotten more love from the crowd than the headliners themselves. (*_*) Sooooorry!

Hailing from the Eastern Cape, taking a detour through the Mother City and finally landing eGoli, Ndumiso Lindi’s material is based on everyday life experiences, the things and people that surround us, how we differ as people and how unique black people can be…especially the new generation.

This man is someone to watch out for. We rate he will soon be doing his own one-man show.

Watch this space!

If you want to know more about Ndumiso, here’s a snapshot!


~ by Thandie on May 8, 2010.

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