Young Nations


Who He Is: UK-born, South African rapper. Also known as Zosukuma isizwe Kunene. He is the son of well known political activist, Proffessor Mazisi Kunene. During the Apartheid era, Zosukuma’s father lived in exile  in Los Angeles. This where Zosukuma lived the majority of his life.

What’s in the Name: Zosukuma isizwe Kunene is Zulu for ‘nations shall rise’

Entered the Scene: 1990 but got big in 1994 with the release of his mixtape. He went by the alias K.A.S.H. (Kept Under Africa’s Sublime Hold) at the time.

Claim to Fame: Achieved fame in the West Coast of California.

Shared the Stage:  Opened for Ice Cube, Coolio, Rappin4Tay and Lynch Mob.

Worked with: 2Pac, Outlawz and Megahertz

Discography: Nations Uprising (1995), United States of Africa (2010)

What He’s Got to Offer: Listen to his video for Zwakala Emzansi ft Ray Phiri…

Where to Find Him:  MySpace; Search ‘Young Nations’ under the ‘artist’ tab;


~ by Thandie on May 11, 2010.

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