Makin’ Street Cleaners Out of the Masses

Saturday kicked off on a positive note this past weekend. A host of people gathered on Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, JHB for an initiative organized through Yfm and eTV. The stations rounded up the masses to create a very successful event – ‘It’s My Inner City: Let’s Keep it Clean’.

A crowd of 700, 800, 900 odd people

But we can’t let these already popular stations take all the shine! City of Joburg was also a part of this collabo event which is a part of its ‘Clean City, Clean Game’ campaign – an effort to get the city to sparkle ahead of the 2010 World Cup Games!

The turnout was impressive with a couple hundred (a high hundred at that!. Let’s not get it twisted. Lol!) leaning toward the 1000 mark. Within the mix was the likes of Khanyi Mbau and Terry Pheto both of whom showed off another, more environmentally conscious, side of themselves!

From left to right: Unknown, Khanyi Mbau, DJ Linda, unknown, Terry Pheto, DJ Motso

That’s right…these ladies, as well as, fans, a host of Yfm DJs and a couple of familiar faces from eTV took the Joburg CBD streets to tidy up a bit. Remove a coke can here, pick up a plastic bag there, and Styrofoam packaging here…

There was Yfm DJs Motso, Dineo Ranaka, and Mac G who each donned rubber gloves and fashionable Pikitup plastics to discard their findings. Mac G and Motso rounded up their faithful fans who cam out in the cold winter morning to support. The aim was to collect the most rubbish for their respective radio shows – The Morning Addiction (Sat. & Sun. 0h600 to 09h00).

Dineo Ranaka was a Master of Ceremonies

On the eTV front was Sunrise news presenters Marc Chase (English reader) Thabo Masithe (Tswana) and Neo Monyetsane (Sotho).

Marc Chase giving fans a thumbs up for a job well done!

Yfm DJs Siz and Scoop held it down with a live broadcast from the venue for the last leg of their show, during which they interviewed Mayor of Joburg, Amos Masondo. A very informative interview it was. The mayor has big things in store for Jozi during the World Cup, but 1st and foremost, tourists must be greeted by a spotless city! 🙂

Amos Masondo having a heart-to-heart with the press

Oh yeah…let’s not forget it. A party ain’t a party – or event ain’t an event – unless Khanyi Mbau breaks it down.

Khanyi Mabu Jiver-ing

And down did she break it…lol! ^_^


~ by Thandie on June 7, 2010.

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