Tholi B? Ahem. That’s Mr. Bologo to you…

As a radio and TV personality, Tholi B has always been an active player in the communications industry, but now the host has taken it to another level – the level of a real player. This radio jockey has gone corporate with his new CEO status and now, when you catch him in his business attire, remember to drop the B and refer to him as Mr. Bologo…cos he’s a high roller, now!

Celebrity Talk Tone Mobile and Digital Marketing, a new, trendy mobile portal, is the company that bagged Mr. B. It will be a platform for celebrities to enhance and push their product globally through content downloads, sms/text competitions, MMS brand promotions and so on. And being a celebrity platform, don’t think that they stopped their hand-picking with Tholi. Celebrity Talk Tone has also brought soccer players, actors, other radio jockies and many more celebrities on board. Their voices are now downloadable as cellphone content.

Apart from getting 24 hour access to your fave celeb’s voice, users can also…wait for it…drumroll please…chat to them via the social networking feature Celebrity Talk Tone offers. Accessing breaking news is merely another added benefit.

Tholi B has earned his stripes in the radio and TV industries through his show ‘Room 69’ on YFM (weekdays: 18h00-21h00) and on ‘Ba Kae’ on SABC1.


~ by Thandie on October 13, 2010.

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