A Moment with SA’s Best Afro-Pop Star

It’s been a couple of days since self-dubbed Afro-Soul singer Malik was awarded a Metro for Best Afro-Pop, and the crooner is still beaming with pride (as you only can imagine!) We sat down and had a brief chat with the man behind ‘Mthulise,’ his 3rd musical installment. This is what transpired.

Malik: Winner Metro FM Award for Best Afro-Pop Artist

Celebrity SA: You’re a winner! How are you feeling?!

Malik: I am feeling good! I think it’s long overdue, honestly, I mean without sounding too big-headed or anything. This is my 3rd album and I’ve been around for 6 years and it’s only…people are only officially acknowledging now what’s going on and I’m not really gonna be modest about that. But I’m glad. This is only happening in my 3rd album, which happens to be an album that I produced myself, you know. So it’s given me more energy, more enthusiasm, more character into my production side. And I believe in my production more than anything. I’m really excited.

CSA: Why do you think it took so long for the industry and the people to recgonise your talents?

M: I think it’s – that’s a tricky question, actually. Judging from what I actually said earlier on, because – my 1st album was a house album, my 2nd album was where I was actually just trying to find myself. But the 3rd album is exactly where I wanted to go and I guess people saw that. So you can’t really lie to you audience or the people that listen to music, in general. If somebody can’t sing, then everybody knows that – whether you can sing or not. Then you can actually tell “Ok this is not happening.” For me, I’m just glad that it happened now.

CSA: Do you think that the producers on your previous albums didn’t see your vision?

M: Yeah, cos the thing is, right? No, no, no, no…I wouldn’t actually say yeah, because I was still finding myself, as well. I knew I could sing – I knew I could sing Gospel, I could sing anything at the time. But in terms of me finding myself and the music that I actually wanted to do, it had to take those two albums. I think God has his own way of showing you where you should go. It might take some time, but there is a direction that he wants you to take.

CSA: What do you think gave you an edge when compared to your competition?

M: I don’t sng about sex and that stuff. I stick to real content. I sing about love. Let it be just love. Straight love. I can choose any topic, except explicit things. I don’t got that far. Because it’s important to get some longevity in this industry, especially if you want to last. When I’m 40, I’ll still wanna do this. I try and keep it clean.


~ by Thandie on December 1, 2010.

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