Young Nations Keeps Other Nations in Mind with ‘Free’ Music Video

Look out for the new Young Nation’s video which drops this week on Channel O. The song that has been blessed with such an opportunity goes by the name Free.

This Hip-Hop artist’s latest visual release was created as a symbol of solidarity with young visionaries who come from countries worldwide where political, social and economic strife run rampant. Free is about the plight of many of these youths. In the same breath, the song is also “about overcoming your struggles and reaching for your dreams when it seems the world is against you,” as says Young Nations. Some of the countries Young Nations has in mind during the production of the video are Middle Eastern, as well as, African like Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and the DRC, all of which are experiencing a series of struggles currently. He also keeps in mind South Africa’s very own struggle period – Apartheid.

The messages in Free are interpreted in the video through high school students with placards displaying various messages for other young people around the world. In between the images of these students are images of Apartheid. Young nations ads that “The colors and energy of the children just explodes on screen like unlike any video I’ve seen in recent years. At the end, you truly do feel free!”

There is a bit of a back story when it comes to the location for the video. It was shot at the kwaHluzingqondo High School in rural KZN, which is in fact the school that young Nations’ late father attended when he was young. He was also an ANC activist in his later years which eventually led to him being exiled. No wonder why Nations decided to make this the set for Free. The high school has also experienced hospitality at the hands of Young Nations. This conscious artist has been involved with the development of a library & computer centre at the school, as well as, an education development programme. And clearly this is definitely where this artist’s heart is…recently, Nations raised almost a million rand for the school, as well as, 800 litres of paint from Plascon to re-paint the school.

Big ups go out to Young Nations for making a difference in the lives of the children at the kwaHluzingqondo High School and attempting to make a difference beyond this school through his music. We look forward to seeing Free when it hits our TV screens this week.



~ by Thandie on March 2, 2011.

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