Get aKing’s Latest Album…Free!

This month sees the release of local rock act aKing’s 3rd studio offering under the title ‘The Red Blooded Years’ but the band has decided to set itself apart from the rest by making fans an offer they can’t refuse. aKing is offering up a free copy of the album with the purchase of a ticket to either of the 2 launches of ‘The Red Blooded Years.’

Courtesy Rhythm Records

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “what’s the catch?” And I wish I could tell you there isn’t one but, alas, there is…unfortunately the launches are only in Cape Town. So if you’re in the Western Cape tomorrow, 10 March, and Friday, 11 March, then you are lucky, indeed. If not, sorry. You will have to do what any diehard fan would be willing to do for their fave rock band – buy the album.

Courtesy Rhthym Records

Also, look out for the 1st music video off the album – it’s called ‘The Roundabout’ and features the band exploring a mystical marine world. ‘Catch Alight’ is the second single off the album that you can also look out for on the radio airwaves.


~ by Thandie on March 9, 2011.

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