L-Tido Takes Debuting to Another Level

The month of June sees the winner of Channel O’s Most Gifted Newcomer award L-Tido dropping his debut album this month. All or Nothing will live up to its name with a massive four-day launch effort dubbed 4FOR-4 and is set to touchdown in Fourways, Soweto, Kathorus and Alexandra.

Courtesy Brokebillionaire.co.za

The event kicks off on Thursday (how fitting! Phuza Thursday), 30 June, at the Tanz Café in Fourways. It then moves to The Change Room in Soweto on Friday, 1 July. The party will then rock on to Paparazzi in Katlehong on Saturday, 2 July and wraps up at Alexandra’s ultimate chill-spot, the popular Bra Joe’s, on Sunday, 4 July.

Previously, the hip-hop artist released a mixtape under the name ‘City of Gold’ – he’s taken that title a little further, by taking over the city of gold with this launch series.

The 4FOR-4 launch series will be supported by some of South Africa’s top Hip Hop and DJ talent, including Tumi (from the Volume), Da Les, Deep Level, Maggz, Morale, Sean Pages, C-Live, DJ Milkshake, DJ Switch, Vigilante, P-Kuttah and more.


~ by Thandie on June 2, 2011.

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