Jozi Making Moves in the City

Moving the City is set to be the next big thing to hit SA television. A reality show revolving around the daily exploits of Ishmael and Da Les of hip-hop duo Jozi, the show will be a candid insider view.

Jozi moving and shaking - Courtesy

Ishmael and Da Les won’t be the only ones whose lives are on show. They will also be joined by comedian-turned-manager David Kibuuka. The trio’s star will only rise higher with what Ghetto Ruff CEO, Lance Stehr, has in store for the reality series.  He plans on getting it on international airwaves. “The response from TV stations in France and Germany has been positive and I have always believed Jozi has the potential to go global,”said Stehr.

And Yep, yep! Earlier you read “comedian-turned-manager” right. Mr. Kibuuka is Jozi’s manager. This is what Lance had to say about him climbing on board the ghetto Ruff ship. “Bringing in David to manage the guys in some ways has been difficult because he is an artist,” said Ster. “However, I think we ultimately made the right choice.”

Jozi fans can look forward to 8 episodes in season 1, which will feature new songs recorded during the show. Fans will be even happier to know that the songs will be available on CD after season 1 airs. The second season will see Jozi jetsetting to Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique and, finally, the US where they will record with a surprise big-name artist.

 It is an ambitious plan, but one that, when it succeeds, will bring great rewards. The series is planned for broadcast towards the end of the year.


~ by Thandie on August 22, 2011.

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