KWESTA’s Rally4dakar Mixtape Dropping Soon

While his new album DaKAR (Da King of Afrikan Rap) is still under construction, hip-hop artist KWESTA thought he’d swing fans a little something to keep the bass flowing through their speakers – a 16-track mixtape! He’s been working hard since May 2011 to get a stellar quality collection of tracks together…if he’s putting that much effort in the mixtape, we wonder what the album is going to be like. SAMA material perhaps?

The mixtape is called Rally4DaKAR and fans can expect it to be released sometime in October 2012. Look out for a track titled BoomShakaLaka, which was produced by US beat maker to the stars Clay Bullard. Bullard’s claim to fame is is he’s produced a trail of hits for hip-hop megastars Rick Ross, Wale, T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa. Now, KWESTA joins the list…could this mean big things are coming his way?

BoomShakaLaka, available as a free online download, has had an overwhelmingly positive response thus far with celebrity hip-hop DJs Naves, Sphectacula, C-Live, Dimplez, Milkshake and Sizwe Dhlomo giving their stamps of approval. We think BoomShakaLaka just might be this summer’s next big hit!

KWESTA commented, via Twitter, on one of the Rally4DaKAR tracks, “I wrote a LOVE LETTER to all my “Susters” called #Suster & made it a song. It’s a #Rally4DaKAR #FreeDownload for women’s month,”

This Monday, fans will have 168 hours to download the 2nd track to be released off the mixtape. This downloading spree forms part of KWESTA’s Rally4DaKAR campaign where 8 singles will be released over an 8 week period each for a limited time only. Fans will have until 23:59 on Sunday, 19 August, to download this week’s track.

Can you hear the bell ringing? Round 2! The #Rally4DaKAR continues…

Follow @KwestaMrCool on Twitter to  join in on the #Rally4DaKAR.


~ by Thandie on August 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “KWESTA’s Rally4dakar Mixtape Dropping Soon”

  1. Nice man, good luck on your project!

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